Personal - Monica Mendez Aneiros photography


“Silencio” is an exhibition inspired by the abandonment of villages in areas of Galicia, Spain. I use the media of photography to document cultural changes, especially those of  my homeland, Galicia –North West of Spain. The project has a personal meaning for me, I am trying to understand the social changes that so many villages in my country are facing; once busy towns deserted and laying bare. With the big cities growing stronger Galicia now has  more than 2000 ghost towns and the number is growing. Witnessing the social change of people abandoning the small towns to go to bigger cities I combine detail and context with a documentary style in an attempt to capture and understand this change. Silence is the absence of sound, and it is exactly what there is in the images, however, the remnants of what once was communicates its new life through to the viewer. I presents this images so that each person can interpret and pay witness to the photographs in their own individual way.

                                  ENTRE DOS MUNDOS

“Entre dos Mundos” or “Between two Worlds” is a series of photographs in black and white where through close up details I want to illustrate the difference between two very different social classes; the poor and the rich. Statues always made me curious; within their silence they are able to transmit and show so much about themselves. They are in many ways telling the story of the past and present at the same time. With their gestures, expressions and even with their clothing they transmit a lot of information about the time they were inspired in. I have focused my attention on the gestures, the expressions and the type of clothing of the statues to highlight the differences between poor and rich. I play with light and composition but also with angles to make the images more interesting. There are some details that contrast and show the difference between the two social classes more, such as; the naked foot of a little boy and the polished boot of a member of the army, or the muscled arm of a worker who carries a stepladder and the elegant hand of a wealthy man holding his baton.

               Galicia – Tierra de Tradiciones

Galicia, my hometown is an inspiration and a huge influence for most of my work. Despite of living in the UK for so long, the culture and the traditions of my country will always be attach to me and my personality. This first project of Galicia – Land of Traditions, I have centred my attention is one of many traditions of the Galician culture: the Religious Festivals. These traditions are making of Galicia a ‘magical, endearing and unique’ place. This set of images of religious festivals I have been taken in Ortigueira, Espasante, O Barqueiro and Viveiro ( North of Galicia) between 2010 and 2012. I avoided using flash so I can bring the ambient light available at the moment that the photographs are taking. A lot of the times, and if the light is very low, I end up with soft images. I personally like this result and by adding contrast to the images I can create drama to the photographs with bigger impact in the image. In this set of images I mix digital and analogue photography. The analogue images are the black and white.

                     Life and Death